In which I make more promises than I’ll likely be able to keep…

Many thanks to everyone who has supported me on this blog so far, following my posts, sharing your insights – I am so very grateful for every single one of you who has taken the time and care and interest in this little corner of the internet. Apologies for  not having posted in a while, I’m planning out ideas for future blog entries but any ideas would be much appreciated, and I hope to get back in the (cyber) saddle after the festive season has been packed away in the attic.

In early January I will be uploading my follow-up post on Descent into Hell – it was wonderful to hear all your thoughts, and I look forward to more scintillating discussion soon! It looks like my planned duology has now become a trilogy, so hopefully (much like the Matrix), my second and third instalments will be coming out in the same year (though hopefully the similarities to that franchise sequels start and end there…)

A re-read of Descent has made the completionist in me want to seek out and devour everything else in Charles Williams’ bibliography, so I would love any suggestions on what to read next.

I’ll also be using this blog to explore and experiment with the literary side of my law and lit PhD next year, as always any suggestions for blog posts are very much appreciated. Also I’ll be writing on the Law side of my work which I have avoided thus far but I’m going for it in the new year. If there’s anything this year has taught me is that I have to be brave and speak up more.

To everyone who has been there with me through all this – thank you, happy holidays, and see you on the other side…


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