PhD student by day, film fanatic by night, the Law Lass is the online alter ego of Welsh post-grad Barbara Elin, who will now promptly stop speaking about herself in the third person.

My academic research interests include criminal legal theory, Gothic literature, and a troubling fascination with Doppelgängers that I’m currently turning into a PhD. My thesis explores how doubles in Gothic fiction can be used as a new way of reading problems of proof in mens rea, the mental element of a criminal offence.

When I need time away from writing said thesis, I like to take a break, which takes the form of even more writing, everything from short stories to flash fiction to that book I’m definitely going to finish one day. As for my blog, I tend to write about movies and TV shows, especially comic book adaptations, and desperately try to forge a connection between my interest in films and fiction with the research of my academic alter-ego.

As a self-confessed Luddite, it pains my soul that the social pressures of contemporary 21st century life have made it necessary for me to have not only a LinkedIn account, but a Facebook and a Twitter one too. For a more detailed (and bullet-pointed) history of my life, my CV can be found here, and for a brief overview of my research, you can check out my Cardiff University page here.